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Non-profit, volunteer-powered and collectively run bookstore and community space that opened in February of 2002. Boxcar exists to promote reading, self-education, social equality, and social welfare through increased accessibility to literature and workshops- and the promotion of a community to support these projects. We are also home to the Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project, a non-profit group that sends free books to incarcerated folks throughout the United States to promote self-education and and aid in the rehabilitation process.

Located at 408 E. 6th St., Bloomington, IN 47408 |


Just in! ¬†Deafula #6: Tour Stories by Kerri Radley, collects her memories of the five city “Thank You For Being a Friend” zine tour with Sara (Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric), JC (Tributaries), and Taryn (Lady Teeth) leading up to The Chicago Zine Fest where Radley was an invited guest on the panel, “Writing About Health, Disability, and Accessibility in Zines.” ¬†Reflections on nervous readings, being a non-hearing person on a reading tour with friends who are all hearing people, and creepy roadside hotels make for a sweet and thoughtful diary.

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